Weekly shoppers challenge

You've probably already heard my VegieFresh story about discovering the Avocado Fountain of Youth. Now we can buy a week's worth of avocados each weekend and still have ripe avocados on Fridays.

If you would like to try the same method, here's how to do it.

  1. Go to the grocery store and buy all the produce your family can eat in a week. Don't worry, as long as it can all fit in your two refrigerator crispers, none of it will spoil.
  2. Place the ripest half of your produce on your counter or in one crisper (we call this one the naked crisper), then place the other half in your refrigerator crisper with VegieFresh. Remove the plastic packaging from both the VegieFresh packet and your produce. Your vegetables and fruit need to breathe in the minerals and they can't do that through plastic.
  3. Make sure your family knows to eat the produce on the counter first, then the naked crisper, and THEN the VegieFresh food. 
  4. Tell us the results of your home experiment via Facebook. For example, I had an avocado last three weeks. Eight year-old Lindsay used VegieFresh for her science experiment and discovered if kept strawberries from molding for 2 weeks.

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