The Strawberry Challenge

Here's what I know about you:

  • You hate to waste anything, resources are valuable
  • You love strawberries (If not, are you even human?)
  • You're not gullible with advertisements and would prefer to prove for yourself that a product works

If the above is true, then please take our strawberry challenge. It's simple:

  1. Buy two packages of ripe strawberries
  2. Put one in each refrigerator crisper drawer 
  3. Place VegieFresh in one crisper
  4. Every few days, check your berries to see which ones are in better shape. You can begin eating them whenever you like, just leave a few in the basket for at least a week. By the time the naked strawberries start to mold, the VegieFresh strawberries should still be good as new.

You may remember the story of Lindsay whose third grade science fair project found the naked strawberries showed mold on Day 6, whereas the VegieFresh strawberries made it to day 13 without mold.


You can request a full refund for any strawberries whose lives weren't extended by VegieFresh if you email the creators ( with three pictures attached:

  • Your dated receipt for the strawberries
  • A picture of the naked strawberry basket showing mold.
  • A picture of the VegieFresh strawberry basket showing mold with the VegieFresh mineral packet.

Please include the dates of the second and third pictures so we can verify the lifespan of your berries. Also provide your Venmo or Paypal username and we will send a refund your strawberry purchase.

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