Stop Food Waste At Home Strawberry Challenge

The problem

Your produce spoils before you eat it. So you have to make midweek trips to the store since you can’t buy a week’s worth of produce without some of it going bad.

The solution

A packet of minerals you put in your refrigerator crisper. No chemicals, no hocus pocus, just basic science to slow down the ripe-to-rot process. It’s called VegieFresh, and yes it is spelled correctly, thank you very much.

Does it work?

The company behind this packet of minerals has issued a range of scientific product tests to be able to make the claim that your vegetables will last through the week, but my favorite test was featured at a third grade science fair.


Nine-year old Lindsay tested the shelf life of strawberries with or without VegieFresh. Bottom line, the VegieFresh strawberries lasted for 2 weeks without a sign of mold, but without VegieFresh, mold appeared on day 6. See Lindsay's project below:

What won’t it do?

  • It won’t bring produce back from the dead, it’s not Jesus.
  • It won’t clean out your refrigerator for you, but it WILL prevent your produce from turning into a primordial soup, changing form from plant to soup. I never knew vegetables could be predators until I saw a cucumber overtake its neighbors in the crisper. (I’m sure that’s never happened to you because you’re a real adult and don’t forget the produce in the back of the crisper.)
  • It won’t make your teenager talk to you about his day, but it might give you an opportunity to sit down and eat fruit together on a weekday instead of you making another trip to the store. Who knows where the conversation could lead?

Who needs it?

Families who want to eat fresh produce all week long.

It’s hard enough to make healthy decisions about what you eat without worrying your produce will spoil before you get to eat it. Plus, so many of us are in two-income families, making extra trips to the grocery store mid week is the pits.

At Home Strawberry Challenge Instructions:

  1. Purchase your Special Buy One Get One Free VegieFresh for your own at home Strawberry Challenge.
  2. Go to the store and buy 2 containers of fresh strawberries… make sure there are no excessive dark wet spots and certainly no mold…
  3. Place one container of strawberries in your crisper drawer WITH one VegieFresh (removed from the packaging) and place the other container of strawberries in the other crisper drawer WITHOUTVegieFresh.
  4. We certainly don’t want you throwing any food out so start eating the strawberries without VegieFresh before they go bad… The VegieFresh strawberries will still be good…

Don't forget… VegieFresh works on ALL FRUITS AND VEGETABLES, so you always know that you are eating fresher, safer, and healthier produce…

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