Commercial Products Testimonials

RD Fresh Testimonials

Just a few of the many rave reviews we have received from our customers.

Since implementing RD Fresh I have noticed that my raspberries and prepped vegetables were lasting longer, and odors are at a minimal. The dampness of the cooler is lower; in fact crackers that were accidently opened then placed in the cooler were not soggy the next day.

Rich Carlone - Executive Chef / Showare Center

Working great... our cow has been aging beautifully. The ribs we aged for about 3wks, and they had almost no loss from the usual outside gnarly layer, and tasted beautiful. We haven't had too much produce in there, but a bag of arugula stayed green and crisp for over a week!! On average, it dropped the temp about 5 degrees and humidity by about 10%.

Christian McLean - New York

I was having severe problems with moisture in my walk-in cooler. You could see the condensation running down the sides of glass olive & pickle jars. Since I age my beef in the cooler this was creating serious problems. I installed RD Fresh a month ago & it has been unbelievable. The glass jars are dry & clear. When you walk in you can actually feel the difference in moisture. It has added noticeable longevity to my produce & meats, plus the cooler smells fresh & clean. Because of this I have been able to reduce the amount of deliveries per week.

Rick Nelsen - Executive Chef / owner Ricardo’s Ristorante

I just wanted to let you know how much I am impressed with your product. I was a little skeptical at first, but then I saw that it did exactly what you said it was going to do. The cooler stays colder, the food stays fresher, & there is no odor when you walk in.

Scotty Fuller - Executive Chef / Partner Budd Bay Café

A little over 30 days ago I had RD Fresh installed in our walk-in & a large kitchen reach-in. The results have been excellent. In particular our reach-in was having severe moisture problems as well as odor form the gourmet cheeses stored in it. Within just a few days the glass doors were completely clear & dry, & the odor was nonexistent. We were storing prepped foods & desserts in it and they are now staying fresh & odor free for longer periods of time. Since we get deliveries almost every day & have a quick turnover we didn’t really think we needed the product in the walk-in. However the dryer air and lower temperatures are giving us a better, fresher, product for our customers. When you consider RD Fresh saves energy, removes bacteria, & allows us to serve our customers a better product, I am happy we made the decision to put it in.

Mike Monty - Lead Chef / Kitchen Manager Waterstreet Café & Bar

This letter is to notify you that we would like for RD Fresh to service both of our restaurants again. After 4 months of using Eco Roq, we have noticed a drastic decrease in produce quality, and massive ice build-up in our walk-in freezer. The odor is also much greater since we switched from your company. I have to admit, it seemed really enticing with the lower price and free gaskets, but it definitely did not equal out due to the amount of produce we have been wasting. When we sampled the product, we still had a couple of your holders in our walk in's, so that gave us an inaccurate assessment of the difference. Thank you so much for responding so quickly, and reinstalling your equipment. We are looking forward to getting our produce quality and cost back under control.

Courtney Portwood - Love & War, Texas

You had given me a few sample packs when we met in Orlando for my refrigerator at home to try, and I loved the way my veggies stayed fresh. My son was home from med school last summer and while fishing off our dock, he dropped his iPhone in the bay - and it was submerged in the salt water for at least 15 minutes. On a whim, I rinsed his phone off in fresh water, opened a pack of RD Fresh and placed the phone inside for several hours. I was absolutely amazed that it WORKED after being in a Ziploc bag with your product. We ended up putting it back in the bag for several additional hours, and that phone worked for months with just a few “kinks” in it----but good enough to last until his next upgrade. Then last night, I was cleaning our pool skimmer and dropped MY iPhone in the water! Ugh! It was only for about 10 seconds, but obviously it was damaged. I had kept the bag from my son’s experience and placed my phone in it overnight and this morning it’s working perfectly! To me, this is a huge deal - as I think it would be for a lot of folks. (Specifically parents who hate to pay the high price of insurance on all their family phones!) ...

Julie Oberlin - Director of Operations / LSG Sky Chefs USA, Inc.

Our Dairy cooler was experiencing heavy moisture issues, creating wets floors, and rapid mold growth. Once your system was in place we saw immediate results with significant moisture reduction, creating a safer, cleaner environment. As a result we have been able to schedule cleaning rotations further apart, reducing our overall labor costs.

Kevin Maradie - Director of Purchasing / Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach

Thank you so much for making me a believer in your refrigeration dehumidifier. In one walk in refrigerator which is a high traffic unit the door is opened and closed many times in the course of the day. Since it has been in use the refrigerator has been considerably colder than its ever been. In our other unit, the temperature is colder and the produce is staying fresher and lasting longer.

Paul Sucher - Director / Dining Services

The Forum is a Skilled Nursing and Rehab, Assisted and Independent Living Facility. We have been using RD FRESH for 60 days now and I could not have asked for better results. I am one of those people who is very skeptical when it comes to products people try to sell you. I was approached a number of times by RD FRESH and kept putting them off until one day I spoke to my Chef and we decided to give it a shot. Both my Chef and Sous Chef are in love with this product. With this product, we will be able to save roughly 1.5% to 2% of my total food cost. Anyone who is skeptical should at least give this the 30 day free trial that is offered.

Brandon M. Rippo - Director of Dietary Services / The Forum at Deer Creek

The air in the walk-ins are much cleaner and crisper; the moisture is gone. Temperatures are lower and food odors have been dramatically reduced.

Jerry Ascione - Food & Beverage Director / 17th street Causeway Embassy Suites, Fort Lauderdale

RD fresh has installed their mineral mix into our restaurant over the last few months in three of our coolers. Although we are a high volume restaurant with good turnover of our products their program has helped tremendously. We have noticed a significant drop in temperatures throughout the coolers; moisture problems have gone away, quality of, and shelf life of products have noticeably improved. We have even seen improvements within our wine storage as well, where we have had mildew problems in the past. The coolers smell, and feel better as you enter them! We have been so happy with the success, we are adding the program to 2 more restaurants. I strongly recommend their program to anyone who cares about their products.

Ron Pollack - Corporate Chef / JB's on the Beach, Deerfield Beach Florida

Absolutely amazing product! I bought this on the expiration date…I put the bag [of carrots] in the veggie crisper with your product and I forgot about the carrots. I cleared out the crisper at the end of June and the carrots were still good! No slime, no water accumulation, they tasted great! Thank you for product…our fridge will always have one. All the money I’m saving really means a lot to my family!

Joann - Blue Mountain Organics

Marvin Tisser of RD Fresh installed his product into our walk-in refrigerator a month ago. We have noticed a tremendous change in the freshness of the food and all smells have diminished. The moisture that normally accumulated on the floor and walls were no longer there. We have noticed the temperature of the cooler dropped by 5 degrees. What a difference my electric bill will be. We also noticed that there is no more mold accumulating on the ceiling as well. I highly recommend this product to anyone in the food industry.

William A. Magna Jr. - Director of Dietary and Food Services, The Buckingham at Norwood, NJ

We had 2 units installed in our walk-in about 3 weeks ago, and have found a big difference in the life span of our green vegetables and fruits, and without a doubt the fridge has dropped in temperature. I would recommend this product to anyone.

Barry Taylor - Executive Chef, The Restaurant At South Sea

RD Fresh installed their mineral mix in our restaurant 3 months ago and the results have been great. The shelf life of our prepped products has increased dramatically. Sliced meats are staying fresh much longer than before, and although produce spoilage has never been a problem due to quick turnover, the produce is still noticeably fresher. Overall, we note on a daily basis that the walk-in has a much cleaner, fresher smell. I would recommend this product to everyone, and even more so to any restaurant like us with only one walk-in refrigerator.

Jean - Owner, CJ's Deerfield Beach, FL


I just wanted to write to you, and let you know it has been a pleasure working with you and RD  Fresh this past school year. I hope you and your family have a wonderful summer. I hope to see  you in August.
I know you know how good your product is. But I would like to tell you about how RD Fresh has  made a big difference in my life this year at Menchville High School. My walk in smells so much  better, it feels much colder, and my produce lasts so much longer than ever before.  I am able to  order my produce in bulk, and cut down on the cost.  I have been able to order fifty pound cases  of green peppers, and cucumber at the beginning of the month. They last until they are gone,  sometimes as long as three to four weeks.  No more spoiled vegetables in my walk in. I also have  been able to order my produce to last for eight days. Sometimes the produce truck doesn’t  come until late on a Monday.  So I need what comes in on Monday afternoon, to last until the  next Monday, and it does. Even the strawberries and grapes are fine to use. Yes I love RD Fresh.
The small pack you gave me for my house works just as well as the ones at the school. I have  produce last week’s longer.  Thanks again.

Karen Porter Cafeteria Manager Menchville High School Newport News, Va. 23602