The Avocado Fountain of Youth

Have you ever missed the thirty-second window of ripeness in an avocado?  My family loves avocados and would ideally eat one a day. But we fell victim to the ripe-to-rot cycle and tossed at least one avocado for every two we ate. I searched for a solution and found VegieFresh, although I was skeptical that the answer to my avocawoes could be so simple. 

So before a long vacation, I had some unripe avocados that were definitely going to spoil without intervention. I put them in the crisper with VegieFresh and do you know I pulled out perfectly ripe avocados 3 weeks later! Here's the picture of my 3-week miracle: I get it, you aren't going to believe me or the claims of the manufacturer. Put it to the test yourself with the Weekly Shoppers Challenge.

Now our family makes one weekly trip to the store and still have fresh avocado at the end of the week. In fact, we buy more produce overall than we did before because we have confidence it will last.

And if you ever have left over guacamole (I will admit, I have never had this problem in my house, we pretty much always reach "guac bottom" and there's none left ...) it turns out that VegieFresh can also slow the browning of the top layer of guacamole. In my opinion, every little bit helps.

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  • To all the “VeggieFresh-not-sure-if this-works” out there. Look no further! I am a natural skeptical person so of course I ran a few fridge tests

    Avocado – I liked them way before they ran the red carpet of healthy foods. Left unwrapped (foil with lemon) out in the open… 3 days down the road, my avocado was still “happy” so I eat more of them.. or rather, I buy more of them at once Lettuce – I bought a few packs of my regular “Aldi” butter lettuce… one was left open, the other closed (veggies are required to be left unpacked to benefit from the “magic” and again…. freshness freshness freshness
    To all – I am not getting paid for the above. I am just a branding person loving brands who make a difference, especially when it comes to the environment. I am ready to get on their yearly membership and proud of being part of that difference.
    Nathalie Plagnol Vizzoco

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