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Hey all,

I'm Candice McGarvey, a mom who was just trying to get to a point in life that looked like anything even remotely similar to my best-laid plans. Don't get me wrong, I have plenty to be grateful for, but when - on top of everything else - I couldn't even keep an avocado ripe for more than 30 seconds, I nearly lost my mind.

In middle age, I'm no longer searching for the Everlasting Gobstopper, but you can bet I would take sell my golden goose to anyone who can offer an Everlasting Avocado. 

So I tried VegieFresh, a packet of natural minerals that promises to extend the life of your produce. To be honest, I was headed out for vacation anyway and had some unripe avocados that weren't going to wait until we got home. To my astonishment, those avocados lasted for THREE WEEKS in my crisper with VegieFresh. So I became a raving fan, and now the company has asked me to be their spokeswoman. 

I'm a mom of two who is also a financial coach, so I am highly attuned to the ways VegieFresh can benefit your wallet. I've done the due diligence for you, but I know that as a mom, you won't just hear it from me, and you certainly won't blindly trust the claims of the manufacturer. So I suggest you put it to the test in your own household by taking one of our challenges:

Here I hope you will find your hopes and dreams come true.  But it's not bloody likely, so I will settle for you being able to stop throwing away so much wasted food.

May your life be a bowl of perfectly ripened cherries,

Candice McGarvey

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