Transport Fresh Food Transportation Shrinkage Solution Do you have Food Insurance against Spoilage? What if there was a way to reduce your shrinkage, even the number of deliveries, and always provide your customer with a higher quality product? With TransportFresh you can do that and more. TransportFresh will increase your bottom line, your customer’s bottom line, and benefit the environment, reducing not only your carbon footprint, but the much larger problem of food waste methane production. The same 100% Green, 100% Sustainable, Zero Foot Print "Technology" that made the All-Natural Mineral mixes of RD Fresh such a success in the commercial market (10 years) and VegieFresh such a success in the retail market (7 years) is now available for the Transportation Industry. TransportFresh - Be part of the solution! From "FARM TO FORK" is the new focus of sustainable produce and TRANSPORT FRESH is the solution for fresher produce from the packer, to the shipper, to the distribution center, all the way to the retailer, and most importantly, to the consumer. What better way to build brand loyalty than throughout the entire Farm to Fork "chain". Food Transport and Storage Freshness Solution TransportFresh is easy to implement into your supply chain! TRANSPORT FRESH makes it easy to implement the amazing benefits of RD FRESH with you product. Our 2 and 3 gram packs are designed to go into clamshell packaging for produce and even prepackaged foods likes salads and sandwiches. The 12 ounce bag can be enclosed in our Pallet Topper cardboard shell designed to wedge in between boxes on top of a pallet to help with shrinkage during shipping. For the company that moves food or produce daily, our Cardboard Panel is designed to mount on the ceiling of a refrigerated truck or trailer for companies that moves produce daily. The Cardboard Panel will hold up to three 12 ounce RD Fresh Bags and will last 3 to 4 weeks!