Adjust your expectations - what VegieFresh can and can't do

VegieFresh can't: bring your food back from the dead. It's not Jesus. If your produce has already spoiled, then we can't help. But if you want to keep a ripe piece in prime eating condition for a while longer, then this packet of minerals can save the day.

VegieFresh can: Extend the life of your produce by an average of 50%. Some items may last longer than that - we've seen it with strawberries and avocados - but you can at least count on adding 50% to the lifecycle of your favorite fruits and vegetables.

VegieFresh can't: clean your refrigerator.  It's spongelike in its absorption qualities, but it will do about as much actual cleaning as SpongeBob Squarepants.

VegieFresh can: keep your crisper drawer from turning into a primordial soup of rotting produce. I never knew vegetables could be predators until I saw a cucumber overtake its neighbors in the crisper. I’m sure that’s never happened to you because you’re a real adult, but I believe in full disclosure.

VegieFresh can't: make your teenager tell you about his day, but:

VegieFresh might: give you an opportunity to sit down with your teenager and share a piece of fruit instead of you making another midweek trip to the store. Who knows where that conversation could lead?

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