Strawberries - a solution for the fastest festering fruit

Chance are, if you love strawberries, you have thrown away quite a few moldy ones in your years. And when a moldy berry starts to take over its perfectly ripened neighbors in the container? It’s just sad.

The designers of VegieFresh have conducted a variety of scientific tests to prove that this packet of minerals does just what it claims. You can read those studies here, here, and here.

But our favorite research comes from a third grade science project conducted by Lindsay. She put VegieFresh to the test and found that strawberries stored with VegieFresh stayed ripe for two weeks, whereas the poor berries without it only lasted 6 days.

If you have ever been strawberry picking and brought home a bunch of berries that are perfect on the same day and within 24 hours start to mold en masse - like a bunch of lemmings - then you know what a game changer VegieFresh can be.

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But it also earns its keep outside of strawberry season because it extends the lifespan of all your produce

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