Science Project Idea

For those of you with kids who need to do Science Projects this year, we've got an easy idea for you. Put the zeolites of VegieFresh to the test! It's like our Weekly Shoppers Challenge:

  1. Buy two packages of strawberries
  2. Put one in each crisper of your refrigerator
  3. Place a package of VegieFresh in one of the crispers.
  4. Take photos of each set of strawberries every other day (or every day if you need more data points)
  5. Be sure to tell us the results of your experiment (photos are even better!), we will send you a prize for your efforts.

It's that simple. If you decide you want to become an affiliate for VegieFresh, you can earn money every time someone buys from your custom weblink, and you will have all the science you need to back up your enthusiasm for VegieFresh and the powerful effect of zeolites.

Here's a photo of one 3rd grader's project. She found that mold appeared on the regular strawberries on day 6, whereas the strawberries with VegieFresh lasted 14 days.

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