It's good to be green

In a world full of mysterious chemicals in everything we consume, you can rest assured that VegieFresh is safe for your food. Plus it has a positive impact on the earth by recycling the gases emitted from your fruit and planting them safely back into the ground to nourish your garden. Just sprinkle the used packet of minerals around your favorite plants and watch for the effects of its fertilizing power.

VegieFresh is what is known as a desiccant dehumidifier, or in plain english, it soaks up the moisture and gases thrown off by the produce. Below is a video about VegieFresh's commercial equivalent for restaurants, RD Fresh. If you are interested in learning about the environmental effects of food waste, this is a productive use of next 3 minutes: 

The people who created VegieFresh really did think of everything by introducing a product that is valuable to people AND is good for the world. VegieFresh is packaged in recyclable containers, including the clamshell plastic and the Tyvec packaging.

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