Would you like to shop once a week ...

1. What you need

Go to the grocery store and buy all the produce your family can eat in a week. None of it will spoil.

2. Test it yourself

Place the ripest produce on your counter, then place the rest in your refrigerator crisper with VegieFresh.

3. Eat fresh all week

Make sure your family knows to eat the produce on the counter first, then grab the food in your crisper.

4. Tell us what's left

Tell us the results of your home experiment on Facebook. How did it work for you?

What is VegieFresh?

Our natural minerals are zeolites, and they absorb the ethylene gas atoms expelled by your produce. This slows down the ripe-to-rot life cycle. Our minerals are food-safe and extend the life of produce by an average of 50%.

  • VegieFresh does good things for your food and good things for the earth. It reduces food waste for 3 months and afterward, you can sprinkle it in your garden as a fertilizer. We have tried to think of everything.
  1. 1. You won't trash spoiled food
  2. 2. $12.95 for 3 months, it's a no brainer

3. Reduce your midweek trips to the store (where the intent to buy $5 worth of produce turns into $25 for everything else.)

From the "Mom's comments" blog:

Avocado Fountain of Youth

"Have you ever missed the fleeting 30-minute window of ripeness in an avocado? I found a way to extend it."

From the "Mom's Comments" blog:

The Strawberry Challenge

Take our strawberry challenge and prove to yourself there is a way to extend the life of your fastest festering fruit.

You know what they say ...

Lynda F. from Virginia

"I used to throw away about half of our fruit and vegetables because they would go bad before we could eat them. Prices for these items have gone through the roof, so waste is expensive! With VegieFresh I can buy in bulk and they don't go bad anymore. I'm saving lots of money and eating healthy!"

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