The Problem

Fruits and Vegetables Produce Ethylene Gas…

That’s What Naturally Ripens Them…

It’s Also What Naturally Spoils Them…


The Solution

VegieFresh Absorbs these Ethylene Gases, Thus Extending the Life Expectance of Your Fruits and Vegetables Up to 50% Longer.

Which Allows You to Serve A Safer, Fresher, Healthier Meal.


The Benefit

With the Average Family of 4 Throwing Away Up to $2500 a Year in Wasted Food…

How Much Money Will VegieFresh Save You?

VegieFresh Is Good For The Environment

When food rots, it releases methane, a greenhouse gas which the EPA says is 20 times more damaging to the environment than carbon dioxide (CO2).

VegieFresh help our planet by reducing food waste and in turn lowering these greenhouse gas emissions.

VegieFresh Is A 100% Sustainable Product

VegieFresh is 100 % All-natural zeolite minerals that are recyclable back to mother Earth in the form of fertilizer for your lawn, garden, or household plants when you’re done with them.

VegieFresh Keeps Giving

              Remember, by helping you reduce       your food waste at home, together we are helping the environment for many      generations to come!

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